To complete the loan application, please enter all required information as indicated by the red asterisk (
*).  Any other information needed can be obtained at a later time.  Please contact us if you have any questions about completing the application.
 (408) 292-5000

Remember to follow these 4 steps:
1. Select your loan processor. If no loan processor is selected, your file may be delayed while it is assigned to an associate.
2. Complete the entire loan application as fully as possible. Please include a full 2 year residence history and 2 year employment history for all applicants.
3. Upload or email your income documentation to your loan processor

a. If wages are from regular hourly or salaried employment, we need the last 2 years of W-2 forms (all sources) and 2 current pay stubs.
b. If income is from self-employment, interest/dividend income, or rental income, we need your last 2 years of Federal tax returns with all schedules.
c. If the income is from retirement, pension, or social security, we need the current year's award letters with your last 2 years of 1099 forms and a current bank statement showing the income deposits.

4. Call and confirm receipt of the application and income documentation.

NOTE: If you have your credit file locked to protect from identity theft, please unlock your credit before submitting your application. We will not be able to process your file without access to your credit report.

Please note that the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) do sell lists to companies for marketing purposes. Please review our Trigger Lead information page for ways to opt out of their information sharing. One step you can take right now is to register on to instruct the credit bureaus not to share your information.

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